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The very special...  personalized

  Especially for a gift, a personal laser engraving can be the icing on the cake and a long-lasting memory.

Due to our partnership with LaserSigns we are able to offer you a high-quality laser engraving at cost price.
Ultramodern YAG-laser equipment guarantees for the perfect result.

The pride ownership and our high demand for perfect craftsmanship makes this personalized gift absolutely unique.

Pricing and order

Text engraving      Text of your choice, standard fonts, also in multi-line. By default, we scale the text to the optimum fit. Please leave us a note if you wish something special. Of course we'll mail you a proof sheet for preview.      only 9,90 €*
Graphics and logos      Please note that we need the file in a vector format, eg: DXF, DWG, CDR, WMF, AI, ...
Raster images can not be used directly and need to be vectorized (needs a high resolution image) or needs to be redrawn in CAD. Costs depend on the neccessary effort for reworking the image an of course on the quantity of drives ordered.

For an individual offer please send us the graphics file by mail.
     please ask
Special form
     Thanks to CNC technics an individual aluminium inlay the shape of your company logo is no problem.
We also specialize in shapes of all kinds - uncomplicated and affordable. Just send us a mail with a sketch, pictures or whatever you might have - we'll contact you shortly to advise you in order to find the best realization for your idea.
     please ask
How to order      Easy and uncomplicated!
When placing your order, just add a note that you wish a personal engraving (default would be our Thalbach-logo), what font should be used (please see below at "Example fonts") and what text should be engraved.

We'll then get back to you with a proof sheet or some alternate ideas in case the desired engraving is technically not doable (e.g. very long name in just one line)

Example fonts

The fonts illustrated below (regular and italic) should help you with your decision of what might look best with your personal engraving.

If you like us to use a specific font that is not listed below, we can of course do that as well - as long as we have the font available or otherwise you send it to us as .TTF-file.
(Before sending the font, please note that it might be protected by copyright)

Century Gothic
Nobel Book
Trebuchet MS
Arial Black
Comic Sans MS
Brushscript BT
Edwardian Script ITC
ParkAvenue BT

*) Cost price: consisting of 2 times postage (2,20 € each) for shipment to and back to our engraving company and a symbolic tip of one Euro for their work ;)

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